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Real Estate 50 Rule

Much like many other rules in real estate investing, the fifty percent rule or the real estate 50 rule, isn’t foolproof, but it can...

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How To Become a “Go-To” Agent for Real Estate Investors

In the competitive real estate industry, standing out from the crowd is a challenge. Every agent wants to know, “How to become a...

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Can AI Reply To Your Real Estate Lead Emails?

In today’s fast-paced world, where technology continues to reshape various industries, artificial intelligence (AI) stands out as a...

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Real Estate Accounting: The Best Alternatives To Spreadsheets

In the dynamic and complex world of real estate accounting, accurate practices are paramount for businesses to thrive and grow. Whether...

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Why Becoming A Neighborhood Expert Is Important?

It goes without saying that a neighborhood serves as a niche market for real estate agents, providing an ideal opportunity to stand out and...

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What Is Zillow Flex and Is It Worth It?

Zillow Flex is a referral program that allows agents to get referrals from the vast Zillow database without paying anything upfront. Real...

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What Is SRES in Real Estate? – Senior Real Estate Specialist

Senior real estate specialists or SRES in real estate are designated real estate agents specifically trained to help individuals over 50...

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What Is A Zillow Premier Agent?

There is no doubt that Zillow is one of the most preferred online platforms for individuals looking to sell or buy a property. With 60...

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What is Geofencing and How Can It Benefit You As a Real Estate Agent?

Geofencing in real estate is a marketing strategy that uses mobile data, GPS, or Wi-Fi to create a virtual boundary around a real-world...

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What Makes You Stand Out As a Real Estate Agent?

While it’s true that anyone with the required qualifications and training can become a real estate agent, it takes more to excel in...

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