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Reasons Attached Homes are in Greater Demand

attached homes

In today’s competitive real estate market, attached single-family homes are becoming increasingly popular due to their many advantages. 

Since attached single-family homes are more budget-friendly compared to detached houses, it is no wonder these dwellings are in high demand.

Apart from being relatively more affordable than the other alternatives, attached single-family homes provide an array of perks like ample living space, shared expenses, and access to amenities like community pools.

With many benefits associated with attached homes, it has become a desirable housing choice amongst people looking for a modern yet economical house.

Let’s discuss why attached single-family homes have become so popular….

What is an Attached Home?

An attached home is a single-family home that is attached to another home. It means that the two homes are connected and share at least one wall. 

One example of a single-family attached home is a duplex. A duplex is two attached homes that share an interior wall, usually side-by-side. The connected homes have two separate living areas and kitchens, but they share a roof and one or more walls. Although they are not detached from each other, duplexes offer more privacy than other attached homes.

Other single-family attached housing units include townhouses and row homes.

What is a Detached home?

A detached home is a single-family home that stands alone and is not attached to any other structure. This type of housing typically offers more privacy than an attached home due to there being no shared walls, roof, or other features. Detached homes are usually larger than attached homes and can come in various structures, such as ranch, Georgian, and Colonial.

Why are attached homes in greater demand than detached homes?

In some areas, attached homes are in greater demand than detached homes because they offer a number of advantages, including being more affordable, being located in desirable areas, and providing the perfect balance between privacy and socialization.

Now that we understand the difference between attached and detached homes let’s dive into why attached single-family homes are in greater demand. 

Benefits of attached homes over detached homes

  1. More Affordable: 

Attached homes are generally more affordable than detached homes, making them a great option for first-time home buyers or for those struggling to qualify to purchase detached homes. With the cost savings attached to an attached single-family home, you can put that money toward other investments or upgrade your living situation.

  1. The balance between privacy and socialization

Attached homes can offer the perfect balance between privacy and socialization because you live close to your neighbors while still having your own space.

  1. Easier to Maintain: 

Due to having shared walls and oftentimes having smaller yards, attached homes are usually easier to maintain than detached homes. This makes them viable for those who don’t want to invest in large-scale yard maintenance or repairs that come with owning a detached home. 

  1. Desirable location:

Attached single-family homes are often located close to amenities and services. This is beneficial for those who want easy access to grocery stores, restaurants, schools, parks, and other attractions.

  1. Community Feel: 

Attached single-family homes often create more of a sense of community and togetherness that detached houses. Attached homes allow for more families to live in close proximity to one another.  

  1. Higher Resale Value: 

Attached homes can make great investments. They say that real estate is all about location, location, and location. And attached homes are usually the more affordable way for home buyers to get a home in a better location.  

How to find attached homes in your area

If you’re looking for an attached home in your area, the first step is to research different neighborhoods, compare their prices, and make sure that your search specifically includes townhomes. Once you’ve narrowed down your options, contact a real estate expert who can help you find the perfect place. 

Which is better for you – an Attached or a Detached home?

Both detached and attached homes have their own unique benefits, so it ultimately depends on what you are looking for in a home. 

If you are looking for added privacy and autonomy, a detached home might be a better fit for you. On the other hand, if you want easy access to amenities and shared expenses, then an attached home might be a better choice. 

Ultimately, it is important to weigh all of the positives and negatives of both types of homes before making a decision. So make sure to consult with a professional real estate agent before making any final decisions.

With all the benefits mentioned earlier, it’s no wonder that attached single-family homes are in greater demand than ever before. If you’re seeking a safe investment with plenty of value and privacy, an attached single-family home is the perfect fit for you. 


The demand for attached single-family homes has never been higher! These attached dwellings provide a solution to various living needs, such as lowest-cost housing and the opportunity to live in high-value areas. 

While attached homes often require upkeep and come with common area costs, they have become popular because buyers can still enjoy home ownership without dealing with the cost or stress that comes with detached single-family homes. 

If you are looking for guidance regarding attached homes, whether buying one or trying to sell yours, don’t hesitate to reach out for professional real estate advice. Contact us if you need any help with real estate!

Happy house hunting!

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Last modified: January 23, 2023