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Top Real Estate Closing Gifts to Give to Your Clients

Top Real Estate Closing Gifts

As a seasoned real estate agent, you’ve likely developed a keen sense of your client’s interests and preferences. Through your interactions with them, you may have noticed small hints about their lifestyle and the things they enjoy. For instance, if your client always arrives at open houses with a warm cup of tea or a nutritious smoothie, these details can inform your choice of closing gifts.

Closing gifts play a critical role in solidifying your relationship with clients and leaving a lasting impression. A thoughtful gift can show your appreciation and help you build a rapport that lasts beyond the transaction. It also has the potential to earn you referrals, expanding your sphere of influence in the industry.

To better understand the art of giving closing gifts, we spoke with some of the top real estate producers in the country. They shared their insights on the ideal budget for a closing gift and suggested ideas that are sure to make a lasting impact.

Why Give Closing Gifts to Your Clients? 

As a real estate agent, your goal is to build a long-lasting relationship with your clients. One way to do this is through the art of gift-giving.

The closing gift is the first housewarming gift your client will receive, and it’s an excellent opportunity to make a memorable impression. Personalizing the gift is key to creating a lasting impact, one that will be remembered for years to come.

Every time your client uses or sees the gift, they will be reminded of the services you provided. This will keep you at the forefront of their mind and increase the likelihood of receiving referrals or recommendations from previous clients.

Building Lasting Relationships through Closing Gifts

  • The Power of Personalization: Buying a personalized gift for your client will leave a lasting impression and help you stand out from other real estate agents.
  • Staying Top-of-Mind: Every time your client uses or sees their gift, they will be reminded of the services you provided. This will keep you in their thoughts for future real estate needs or recommendations.
  • Encouraging Testimonials: A unique and eye-catching closing gift may inspire your client to leave a positive review or testimonial, increasing your visibility and inbound calls.

The Importance of Connecting with Your Client

  • Showing You Care: By leaving a personal touch, you let your client know that you were listening to their wants and needs throughout the transaction.
  • Sending a Message: The unique closing gift should communicate that you are rooting for them in this new chapter of their lives and remind them of your successful efforts in bringing them to a successful closing day.
  • Prioritizing Happiness: When you prioritize your client’s happiness and focus on building a connection, real estate referrals and positive reviews will come naturally.

The Best Closing Gift Ideas for Your Clients

  1. Book Them a Visit to a Local Restaurant

To commemorate this occasion, why not treat them to a culinary experience at a renowned local restaurant? For food enthusiasts, this gesture would undoubtedly be appreciated.

With a range of dining options available, from casual to upscale, you can choose a restaurant that matches your taste and budget. To make the experience truly memorable, it’s important to choose a gift certificate that covers the entire meal and gratuity. Bon appétit!

  1. Gift a Bottle of Wine

After the hassle and stress of moving, your clients deserve a moment to unwind and relax. Surprise them with the gift of a delightful bottle of wine or champagne.

Consult with a knowledgeable wine expert to determine the best vintage for your client’s preferences, and include a personalized note with information about its origin and recommended food pairings.

Take your gesture of generosity one step further by adding elegant wine glasses or a curated food basket that perfectly complements the wine’s flavor profile. A gift of this nature is typically priced at $25 or more.

  1. A Thoughtful and Personalized Gift Basket

As a real estate agent, you have the opportunity to make a lasting impression on your clients. A personalized gift basket is a perfect way to do just that. With its versatility and customization options, you can create a basket that caters to your client’s unique interests and preferences.

Whether you choose to include high-end items or more budget-friendly options, the basket will be filled with items that serve a purpose and demonstrate your appreciation for your client. For instance, you can add their favorite tea or coffee to show that you’ve been paying attention to their preferences.

Or, if they’re sports fans, include a team magnet or yard sign to show your support for their team. With its customizable options, a gift basket can be tailored to any budget and make a lasting impression on your clients.

  1. A Coffee Mug

For coffee drinkers, finding the perfect mug is like discovering a well-loved and cozy sweater tucked away, ready for the first crisp day of fall.

The comfort that comes with a mug that fits just right is unparalleled. Whether you opt for a personalized standard mug or choose a beautifully handcrafted artisanal option, a nice coffee mug is a heartfelt thank-you gift that symbolizes the journey you’ve shared.

With prices ranging from $5 to $40, there is a mug to fit every budget. To make the gift even more special, consider adding a pound of your client’s favorite coffee blend or brand, starting at around $13 per pound.

  1. Serving Bowls

Gifting a set of beautifully crafted serving bowls and dishes can be the perfect housewarming present for your clients. This gift carries a special significance for first-time homeowners who may not have many long-lasting, high-quality items in their new home.

These serving dishes serve as a symbol of their newfound ability to entertain guests in their own space. Not only will your clients cherish the thoughtful gesture, but they will also have a prime opportunity to show off their new gift at their housewarming party and boast to their friends and family about the exceptional closing gift they received from you.

  1. Coasters

A coaster set can be a thoughtful and useful gift for your clients. Personalizing the set with their name or initials is a great way to show your appreciation, while also including your contact information serves as a subtle reminder of your services.

If you’re looking for something more unique, consider a handmade artisan set from Etsy that aligns with your client’s taste or decor. These sets typically come in sets of four or six and are priced between $15-$40.

  1. A Fancy Pen

As a real estate agent, you understand the importance of making a lasting impression on your clients. That’s why gifting a thoughtful and practical present on a moving day can be the perfect touch. A luxurious fountain pen is a classic choice that your clients will appreciate and use daily.

Unlike larger items, such as gift baskets, this item won’t add to the stress of the moving process, but instead, offer a small and useful reminder of your generosity and exceptional services.

Not only will this elegant writing instrument be a constant reminder of you, but it will also elevate your clients’ writing experience. So go ahead, and make a lasting impression with a memorable and sophisticated pen.

  1. Flowers

Greet your loved ones with a warm and heartfelt welcome by presenting them with a stunning bouquet of fresh flowers.

Speak with an expert florist and collaborate on creating a custom arrangement that perfectly embodies the recipient’s unique personality and style. Both men and women will appreciate the thoughtful and personalized touch of a one-of-a-kind flower arrangement.

With a range of cost options available, find a solution that suits your budget by consulting with your local florist.

  1. Gift Cards

As a thoughtful real estate agent, you understand the importance of building lasting relationships with your clients. Instead of a single grand gesture, some agents prefer to surprise their clients with meaningful and personalized gifts throughout the year.

By taking the time to understand their likes, dislikes, and special occasions, you can show your continued appreciation and remind them of your successful partnership in finding their dream home.

This cost-effective approach allows you to budget smaller amounts each month, rather than a lump sum at closing and keeps the connection alive long after the sale is complete.

  1. Gardening Equipment

Give your clients a Gardening Delight Basket – an extraordinary present for the newest homeowners.

This basket is designed to have all the must-haves for any beginner gardener. To make it more special, you can add a customized garden stone with a personal touch. Expect to spend around $40 for both the basket and stone, but the smile on their face will be priceless.

  1. Custom Engraved Keychains

Show your clients that you value their business and celebrate their new home by gifting them a beautifully crafted and personally engraved keyring.

If you have the space to do so, consider adding your contact information as a gentle reminder of your service. However, it’s important to strike a balance between promoting yourself and providing a thoughtful, client-focused gift.

Overly branded presents can feel impersonal and often end up neglected in a drawer or tossed in the garbage. With a range of prices starting at just a few dollars and going up to well over a hundred, you can find the perfect personalized keychain to suit any budget.

  1. A Pampering Spa Experience

Treating your recently relocated clients to a day of indulgence at a local spa is an exceptional gift that exudes empathy and thoughtfulness.

During these challenging times, the stress of a cross-country move can be overwhelming, which is why offering them a chance to unwind and rejuvenate is a meaningful gesture that shows you understand their needs.

The beauty of a spa gift certificate is that it allows your clients to personalize their spa day to suit their preferences.

Whether they prefer a relaxing massage, a rejuvenating facial, or a soothing body treatment, they can choose the services that best align with their needs. And, if there’s any remaining credit on their gift card, they can use it to purchase luxurious skincare products to extend the pampering experience beyond the spa.

  1. Artistic Showpiece

As a real estate agent, it’s always important to showcase the vibrant cultural offerings of the city you represent. One simple yet effective way to do so is by incorporating local art into your client interactions.

Whether it be a stunning sketch, a mesmerizing painting, or a beautifully crafted piece, a locally made art piece can serve as the perfect closing gift for your clients.

Not only is it easy to personalize, but it also conveys your appreciation for their business without breaking the bank. In short, it’s a small touch that goes a long way in establishing a lasting relationship.

  1. Backyard Gaming Set

A backyard game like cornhole is the perfect real estate closing gift for clients who have kids or love to entertain guests.

With this gift, you can help them become the go-to destination for summer days and neighborhood parties.

Additionally, this gift can be customized to suit your client’s preferences. You can order a bocce ball set with their team logo, or purchase cornhole boards featuring their favorite team mascot. Either way, you’ll be well on your way to securing an invitation to their next big backyard BBQ.

  1. A Gift for Their Pets

Many families are now valuing the importance of having a secure outdoor space for their pets to play in.

Impress your clients by demonstrating your genuine concern for their furry friend. Show them that you understand the significance of their pet’s comfort and happiness in their new home by presenting them with a thoughtful gift box filled with their pet’s beloved toys and treats.

Your kind gesture will be warmly received and will strengthen your relationship with your clients.

  1. Smart Doorbell

Gifting a smart doorbell to your clients can be the perfect solution for their new home. Not only will they feel secure and protected, but they’ll also be impressed by the cutting-edge technology. With a range of affordable options available on the market, you won’t have to compromise on cost.

The smart doorbell is a compact and budget-friendly doorbell that provides peace of mind to your clients. It connects to a smartphone app that enables you to see who is at your door and communicate with them, no matter where you are. This smart doorbell is not only a practical solution but a conversation starter that your clients will love.

Did You Like These Gift Ideas?

As a seasoned real estate agent, you know that the closing process is about so much more than just signing papers. It’s about building relationships and making a lasting impression. That’s why closing gifts is a critical part of the process and should not be overlooked.

For new agents who may not have the budget for extravagant gifts, fear not. The most important thing is to give your client something, no matter how small. A small gesture of appreciation can go a long way and will leave a more positive impression than giving nothing at all.

To help you make an unforgettable impact, we’ve put together a list of real estate closing gift ideas that are both memorable and unique. These gifts will help your client celebrate their new home and a new chapter, and put a smile on their face. So go ahead, make a lasting impression, and be remembered as the agent who helped them start their new life.

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Last modified: February 13, 2023